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More About Salina

Salina is the second largest in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands and is quite different in landscape than the rest of the islands.

Due to its numerous fresh water springs, the island is quite green. The island is listed in the UNESCO world heritage list due to its volcanoes.

The island is composed of six different volcanoes, and the two most important ones are Monte Fossa Delli Fecci and Monte dei Porri. Both of these volcanoes are quite well preserved.

The island is made up of three small towns and some villages and the population of the entire town is approximately 4000. As compared to some of the other islands in the archipelago, Salina is still quite untouched by tourism which makes it a special place to visit.

Salina Ferry Port
Getting to Salina

Salina has two main ports Rellina and Santa Marina. There are regular ferries and hydrofoils from destinations like Naples, Pallermo, Messina, Reggio Di Callbria and Milazzo. Visitors can reach either of these destinations and take a hydrofoil to Salina. Ferries are only available from Milazzo and Naples.

Regular buses are available that connect the towns and the villages on the island. Those coming in from other countries would have to book a flight for Naples or other Italian destination and then reach Milazzo and take a ferry from there.

Moving Around the Island
Depending on where you stay on the island the options to move around the area would differ. There are three main towns on the island, all of which are quite small and are easily accessible on foot. There aren't many attractions so they can be explored on foot within a day. The public transport system on the island is buses. Buses connect all the villages and towns on the island and are fairly comfortable. Information on bus routes can be easily available in the bigger towns.

Attractions in Salina

Coast of Salina
Fossa Delle Felci is the famous volcano for which Salina is listed in the world heritage list. The volcano is 962 meters high and visitors can climb up to the top or at least half way to enjoy the views of the surrounding areas and the beautiful sea. However, climbing up the volcano can be quite tiring and should be attempted by those who are fairly fit. Others can just come to the location and admire the beauty of the volcano from the foot of the mount.

Museo dell'Emmigrazione Eoliana
Museo dell'Emmigrazione Eoliana is probably the most interesting one among all of the islands in the archipelago. The museum showcases the effect and the extent of the immigration of the Aeolian Islands. The museum is quite small and the collection is also not very large, however, it is still worth a visit to get an insight into the background and the culture of the island.

Santuario Della Madonna Del Terzito
The Santuario Della Madonna Del Terzito is located in the valley that separates the two main volcanoes on the island. The place is an important pilgrimage place and every 15th august the Feast of Assumption is held here for which people from all the neighboring islands travel to Salina. The church is located on the track that leads up to the top of the mountain.

Salina on the horizon
The island is known to be the first island to have protected its environment with the help of a nature reserve. The island is very rich in natural vegetation and flora and fauna which is worth exploring.

Hiking Trails
There are several good hiking trails, marked and unmarked, on the island. Those interested in nature would definitely enjoy these hiking trails since the natural green landscape here is very lush and have some beautiful local species of trees and flowers which are worth exploring.

The Beaches
The beaches in Salina are quite clean and perfect for swimming. The beaches on the island are fairly deserted on weekdays. Only on weekends a few of the locals flock the beach in the summers. There are also a few diving spots close to the island which is good for exploring the sea life in this region.

Eating on Salina

Salina has good restaurants that serve simple home style cooking. Most restaurants here serve Italian cuisine and fresh sea food. There are also a few small cafes, bakeries that serve traditional pastries and pizzerias that have some delicious freshly baked pizzas.

The best restaurants to try out in the city are Cuccinotta Rita, Portobello, Da Alfreda in Cucina. These restaurants generally serve simple pastas, fish dishes like swordfish, sea food platters, stuffed squids, freshly baked breads, pizzas and some really good hearty desserts and traditional pastries. The restaurants here mainly have simple but elegant décor and many provide views of the sea.

Shopping in Salina

Salina is not a tourist oriented place so the shops here are where the locals do all their shopping. Some small but charming shopping streets are located in the three main towns of the city and sell beautiful hand made clothes, lace, cashmere sweaters, carved wooden artifacts, pottery, vases etc. Visitors might even come across a few antiques in the local markets which are put on sale by the locals. The other thing to purchase here would be local wines which are quite good and some cheeses.


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